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History between Yoon Dong Ha and Yong Soo Chul [The secret in the dorama Witch’s love(?)].

1. Dong Ha know that Soo Chul is in love with him in secret and he get make jealous him with the girl and Chul bite in shoulder.

2. Dong Ha says the perfume smells like the girl (because everything reminds to her) for to keep causing him jealous and he get a blow.

3. Dong Ha tells he will come out to see the girl and Soo Chul stops him.

4. Soo Chul without being able to endure any more confesses his feelings when he pushes him against the wall.

5. Dong Ha accept their feelings and say that everything was for to force a confession.

6. Happy love and disbelief that this happening, Chul Soo returns to bite him shoulder as payback for to give him jealous.

7. First night of passion.

8. And the mornings loving.

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